My name is Alexander Patrick Stratton. I am a Advertising and Marketing Communications student at St. Lawrence. My interests include movies, video games, music, literature, animals, and computers. I am a very creative person who loves using computers. My favourite softwares to use are video editing programs like Adobe Premier and Windows Movie Maker.

I don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I’ll be using this website to document my journey through the Advertising and Marketing industry.

I also love to write. I have a bunch of ideas for stories, characters, and settings. But one idea I have is to write a series of books. The books would be a collection of short stories about the citizens of a fictional town called Oakedale, in Ontario Canada. Each story would about a character, almost like an episode of a television show. Each book would consist of 20 or more short stories like one season of a television show. I have no idea how long this series might last. In one a story a character would be a main character and in another story that same character wouldn’t even make an appearance or be mentioned. The books would try and balance comedy and drama. Over the years as the books would come out the characters would age in real time. Like imagine a character starts out as a baby, and by the end of the series that same baby has grown up into an adult.

I am a. Writer.Blogger.Filmmaker. Screen Writer.