The Next Step.

Over the course of my first year in Advertising and Marketing Communications at St. Lawrence College, I wrote quite a few blogs. These blogs covered a wide variety of topics including the power of persuasion in advertising, The Pursuit of Wow by Tom Peters, and Does Form Follow Function?

This specific blog post will be about what I learned about blogging, and myself during my first year at St. Lawrence. It will also talk about my feelings having written blogs to a global audience regularly, and any thoughts I have about continuing my blogging journey.

What did I learn?
While writing these blogs I learned how much of a challenge it is to try and integrate a hyperlink into every paragraph. It’s tough because you have to structure each paragraph so a hyperlink can be included.

What did I learn about myself?

I learned that I am incredibly critical and pessimistic about my writing for no reason, and I learned how to somewhat control that negative voice. People have always said to me that “you’re a great writer”, or “hey stop being so hard on yourself”. I try to cut myself some slack and ignore this voice in my head that tells me that I suck.

How do I feel?computer-desk-email-7112
I feel pretty confident in my ability to write blogs to a potential global audience. At first, I was terrified because of the thought of millions of people criticizing my work. But now that I’ve actually done it, I’ve gained more confidence. So now it feels pretty good.


Any final thoughts?

Well, I guess my final thoughts are that it was really fun to blog, and as I enter the world of advertising and marketing I hope to continue to blog about topics that inspire and interest me.

Do you enjoy blogging?

If so what’s your favorite topic to blog about?

I’d love to know what you’re favorite topic to blog about is.

Please leave a comment below and have an excellent day.