Bracing the Blockage



Do you hate ads? If so continue reading this blog post.


In this blog post, I will be discussing the concept of Ad Block. For those who don’t know Ad Block is an extension that you can download onto browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. This extension will block all ads on your browsers.

Hate pre-roll ads before youtube videos? Install Ad Block. Do you go to websites that have pop up ads that may contain viruses? Install Ad Block and then never see pesky ads online ever again.


The topic of Adblock recently came to my mind with this article from Business Insider.  The article discusses how the latest update to Google Chrome will add a built-in ad blocker. As an Advertising and Marketing Communications student, this made me think. How do I get past ad block? How do I create ads that people will see online? If people are using Ad Block on their browser


There are many reasons why people use ad block and here are two of them.


Ads are annoying.

People don’t like ads and they find them annoying. This is one of the reasons why people use ad block, and I understand this. I don’t mind seeing a five-second ad on a Youtube video. But I hate seeing the same ad over and over again, before almost every Youtube video I watch.


Pop Up ads contain viruses.

In my opinion pop up ads are incredibly obnoxious. Depending on the websites you go to, some of these pop-up ads may contain viruses. You might be on a certain type of website, and you might get a pop-up ad that says “your computer has a virus, please download this security software”. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a really bad idea. But some people still fall for it, and I guess that’d be a good reason to install ad block.


The arguments for Ad Block include advertisements are annoying, and some pop-up ads contain viruses. But what about the arguments against ad block?


Small Website might lose money.

The main argument against the use of ad block is that smaller website might lose money. I’m not talking about gigantic websites like Google, or Amazon. I’m talking about smaller websites that rely on ad revenue in order to make money. Some of these websites lose money because people use ad block.Some websites,  prevent you from entering their website unless you disable ad block.



Do you use ad block? If so what’s your reason for doing so? Do you think people would still use Adblock if ads were “better”? Can you think of any ways that advertisers can get past Adblock?


If so leave a comment below.