Hello World.

I am new at this whole blogging business. An assignment in Frank Armstrong’s Writing for Marketing Communications class inspired me to write this specific blog 20180201_130008 (2)post. In this blog post, I will be reflecting on three essential aspects of writing an effective blog post. I will also be reflecting on my feelings about writing regularly to a global audience.


An attention-grabbing headline

A generic headline such as “My first blog” or “blog #1,”, isn’t going to catch someones attention because they sound generic. A compelling title grabs peoples attention and it makes them want to click on the blog.


Add personal experience or personal images

Adding personal experience to your blog gives it your own personal touch. Adding a personal touch to your writing makes it more human. If the writing sounds more human than the reader will relate to it more and understand it. If the writing sounds robotic than the reader will get bored and click on something else.


Make it digestible with short paragraphs and sentences


Whenever I read a book and I see a great big wall of text, I get intimidated. The reason why is because while I’m reading my eyes get lost and I start to lose my place. I prefer shorter paragraphs because it’s easily digestible and I don’t lose my place. People reading your blog prefer smaller bite-sized paragraphs, that way people won’t get intimidated and actually read your blog.


The thought of millions and millions of people possibly seeing my blog terrifies me. The reason why is because those people will be judging and criticizing my writing. What if the person doesn’t like this post and they leave a nasty comment? I know from personal experience making Youtube videos that a nasty comment can really affect your self-esteem. I used to get comments saying “your videos suck” and “your voice sounds annoying”. These comments made me feel like crap, but they actually helped me appreciate the positive feedback. Every once in a while when a person would leave a comment like “great video” or “this video made me laugh”, then I’d get a boost of confidence. Posting content online for people to see requires a very thick skin to criticism. But its worth it, in the end, to see people enjoy the content you produce.

Were you nervous about posting your first blog?

If so leave a comment and tell me any tricks and tips for new bloggers.









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