Does Form Follow Function the unanswered question of use over design.

Does form follow function? This question has been debated about by architects for centuries. The meaning of form follows function is that the shape of an object or building should reflect its purpose. This blog post will discuss my opinion on whether or not form should follow function?


I believe form follows function when it comes to architecture. But when it comes to an object that’s where things get tricky. For example, the purpose of a pair of mittens is to keep my hands warm, so the design of said mittens should reflect its purpose. I agree with the statement form follows function because if the design of an object doesn’t reflect its purpose than in my opinion that object is useless. Let’s say you design a house and you design the front door to be four feet off the ground without a staircase for some reason. This design contradicts the function of a front door.


According to an article from the New York Times, form follows function is on the demise because of newer technologies. Alice Rawsthorn a writer for the New York Times argued that the design of the iPod Shuffle doesn’t reflect form follows function because its design doesn’t reflect its multiple uses. With objects like the iPod Shuffle, things can get a bit complicated. The reason why I think its complicated is because the iPod Shuffle has many different uses besides just play music. It would be impossible for the design of the Shuffle to reflect all its different purposes. But I think its design does reflect its most important purpose and that is to be a portable music device. The Shuffle is small so it can fit into your pocket, and it has a lot of memory so it can store all of your favorite albums.


If the design of the Shuffle failed at being a portable mp3 player then I would consider the design to be a failure because it doesn’t do what its supposed to do. Design your product or building to be useful, before making it look cool. Garbage that is covered in glitter still looks and smells like garbage. Should form follow function or does function follow form?







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